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Need a translation to meet your sales goals for this year? Want to apply for a job or study in another country? Want to see your company grow internationally? QIKtrad can help you! Within the specific needs of every customer, we have multiple tools available to cross the language barriers that are stopping your project to get where you want it to be.


For QIKtrad, accuracy in translation goes beyond the translation of words. Meaning, register, tone, and intent are some of the elements that a quality translator must take into account when handling a text.


Interpreting not only requires the ability to convey words in another language, but also the meaning and ideas presented by the original speaker. Our interpreters are highly trained professionals with extensive experience and documented success in this demanding profession.


Our project managers are ready to provide expert assistance to ensure that your event is successful. The amount of time that you want to be involved in the process is your choice. Either way, we will ensure that you are well informed in all phases of the planning process.


Our experienced subtitle translators offer the highest quality subtitling services for all types of programming. We not only translate, but also localize, using culturally relevant idioms, maintaining a comfortable reading rate for the viewer.

Available services

Pharmaceutical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Court Interpretation, Subtitling, Corporate Events, Conferences

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    The QIKtrad family would like to express their pride to be contributing to a project of great social and humanitarian impact. Last September 23rd, the Portuguese Government launched the Refugee Welcome…

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