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In an increasingly globalized world, language is one of the greatest challenges companies face in making their products and services universally accessible. At QIKtrad, we are constantly striving to meet customer demands and to reach their strategic goals. Always seeking the tools necessary to provide our clientele with the best services available, QIKtrad will continue to secure its place as being an effective and reliable resource for global communication.

What we do

Our professional team of Translation, Interpretation and Event Planning consultants brings a wide variety of knowledge and skills combined with functional and industry experience to serve the high-demanding consulting and strategy planning needs.

  • Translation
    At its simplest, translation means conversion of content from a source language to a target language. In reality, translation requires much more, including qualified translators, defined processes for quality assurance, proofreading and editing, and sound terminology management. In addition, good communication within the translation team, including the…
  • Interpretation
    Communication across languages: it’s more than words on a page. The key difference between translation and interpretation lies in the mode of communication. Simply put, translation is written, while interpretation is verbal. Also, an interpreter has a bit more freedom to express the message on the target…
  • Events
    As a full service event company located in Lisbon with experienced and bilingual staff we at QIKtrad are able to assess conference venues, meeting rooms and business hotels personally, sometimes negotiating privileged rates and discounts on your behalf. Our portfolio of conference and event management services also…
  • Subtitling
    Subtitling (or captioning) refers to displaying textual versions of the dialog in films and audio visual contents. Subtitles are usually displayed at the bottom of the screen and usually closely follow the story line. Subtitles are used as a written form in the same language of the…

How we help

Small and medium-sized enterprises don't want their business growth and projects progress to be bogged down by language barriers. Our team of international localization and translation experts will take your project and make it effective in the foreign market and will make sure that your company is expressing itself appropriately - whatever the language.

Our services

Our qualified professionals hold various linguistic combinations and work from and into a wide range of languages. All the translators are experts in at least one field and are more experienced in that area. Our team includes translators specialised in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Economics, Law, Marketing, Medicine, Insurance, Finance, Banking, Stock market, Tourism and Literature, among others.


For QIKtrad, accuracy in translation goes beyond the translation of words. Meaning, register, tone, and intent are some of the elements that a quality translator must take into account when handling a text.


Interpreting not only requires the ability to convey words in another language, but also the meaning and ideas presented by the original speaker. Our interpreters are highly trained professionals with extensive experience and documented success in this demanding profession.


Our project managers are ready to provide expert assistance to ensure that your event is successful. The amount of time that you want to be involved in the process is your choice. Either way, we will ensure that you are well informed in all phases of the planning process.


Our experienced subtitle translators offer the highest quality subtitling services for all types of programming. We not only translate, but also localize, using culturally relevant idioms, maintaining a comfortable reading rate for the viewer.

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