At QIKtrad, we combine our knowledge of languages, project management and event planning to help our clients succeed in bringing their products to international markets.

Our work is often one of the final stages in a long development cycle, and one that helps determine how the product will be understood and received by users in individual countries, cultures and locales.
At QIKtrad, we are proud to help bring new products and new content to market for hundreds of millions of users worldwide in multiple languages.


Freelance Translators and Proof-readers
Type: Part-time/On demand
Location: Anywhere in the world
Required Experience: 3-5 year experience as a translator or other language related jobs.
Linguistic Skills: Native fluency in at least one language and strong command of at least one other language.

To apply, please send your resume to [email protected].

Translation Intern
Type: Part-time
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
We are looking for current college students who are majoring in Translation. This internship is designed to give a hands-on experience with managing and executing translation projects.
The functions include translating, proof-reading and editing.
We offer a flexible schedule and a friendly office environment.

To apply, please send your resume to [email protected].