United in Translation: International Translation Day

International Translation Day is marked every year on September 30 on the feast of St. Jerome, the Bible translator who is regarded as the patron saint of translators and interpreters.

The UN says International Translation Day is a chance to honour the work of language specialists, who contribute significantly to fostering international understanding, improving communication and fostering cooperation among nations, as well as contributing to worldwide peace and security.

After more than a year of Covid-19 keeping us apart, this year’s theme is “United in Translation“.

There is no doubt that Translation is a tool for uniting people and cultures, and creating connections.

The role of translation in the globalized world is essential. While the communication is flowing in a heartbeat, it is the task and the duty of translators to make sure it is flowing in the right direction and that the precise meaning, intent and style of the message remain intact.

The way the things work has changed and it is going to change even more, but the essence of translation remains the same – to facilitate the exchange of ideas between different languages and cultures in various ways and on different levels.

This is exactly what we do here at QIKtrad, regardless of what it is that we translate – a book, a financial report, a movie, an instruction manual, a website, or simultaneous interpreting at a conference or meeting.

We break down barriers and build bridges, uniting in translation.

Do you need a translation or interpreting job? Don't hesitate to contact QIKtrad!

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