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Cyril Connolly on Translation

Cyrill Connolly (1903-1974) was an English critic, novelist, and man of letters, founder and editor of Horizon, a magazine of contemporary literature that was a major influence in Britain in its time. Connolly was himself a translator: Put Out The Light is his translation of Le silence de la mer by Vercors. He famously said: "Translating…
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Portugal is the Most Welcoming Country in the World

For the first time ever, Portugal claims the top position as the world’s most welcoming country for expats. According to InterNations, almost every expat living there (94%) says they are happy with the attitude of locals towards foreign residents. Indeed, this general satisfaction is far above average across all top-10 destinations. Most Welcoming Country in…
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International Mother Language Day – February 21st

Announced by UNESCO in 1999, International Mother Language Day (IMLD) celebrates cultural diversity and honors the students that were brutally killed by police in 1952, when demonstrating for the recognition of Bengali as one of the two national languages of East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh). It’s hard to imagine the challenges faced by students who have been…
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